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Segment 1 - Infant Car Seats

Segment 2 - Ohio Children's Trust Fund

Segment 3 - Food Borne Illnesses

October, 2011 - The Defiance County Health Department has some good information to share with us concerning the proper use of infant car seats and Food Borne illnesses.  We will also hear about the Ohio Children's Trust Fund within the show.

Segment 1 - Skin protection

Segment 2 - Exercise tips

Segment 3 - Mosquitoes, Ticks & Bats

July, 2011 - With summer comes summertime pests such as Mosquitoes, Ticks and Bats.  It's also a great time to start an outdoor exercise routine.  However, with all the time spent in the sun, be sure to protect your skin against overexposure to the sun!  On this program, we explore all of these topics with some help from the people at the Fulton County Health Department.

Managing Stress

Empowering Women

May, 2011 - On our debut program, we will focus on how to handle stress and empowering women with motivational speaker, Delores Pressley.